Friday, October 31, 2014

High Five for Friday

It's been a crazy week of wrapping up loose ends and being absolutely exhausted.

1. It's Halloween! I have absolutely loved this holiday ever since I became a mom. When the girls get here after school today I'll transform into a makeup artist and stylist and I'm so excited. Stay safe tonight everyone!

Our house all decorated for tonight (featuring Holly)!

2. I know there are a ton of people who think it's absolutely nuts, but I'm so excited for the Christmas spirit to kick in starting tomorrow. I actually just noticed this morning that all of next weeks flyers have Christmas specials. Woo!

3. My maternity leave payments finally got approved and the amount I'll be receiving is actually more than I expected. My stress level has significantly decreased because of this news. As you may know, there is an unpaid waiting period to receive payments and it's hard to get through.

4. I got the news that I was selected for another Influenster campaign. When I get those emails my heart skips a beat. You'll be seeing a post about what I receive soon.

5.  I'm officially 39 weeks pregnant. 1 week to go. Come on baby!

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Thursday, October 30, 2014

It's About To Get Real

My due date for baby boy is next Friday, November 7th. There are 8 days left until his expected arrival, which means that any day could be the day.

So far, I've seen two different reactions from the girls. Brooke has been very loving and excited all along- hugging me, talking to the baby, asking questions, etc. Holly on the other hand hasn't really cared all too much. I found this extremely weird because the baby will have much more of an effect on Holly than Brooke as Holly lives with us full time and Brooke is only here on weekends.

This uninterested attitude of Holly's has had me worried for a while. Will she be jealous? Will she be angry with me? When Brooke isn't here, will she act out?

These past two weeks as the talk about when the baby will arrive has increased, I've noticed a real change in Holly. She's become absolutely obsessed with both me and the baby- cuddling me, reading and singing to baby, and even talking about how she plans to help. Yesterday when I picked her up from school the first thing she did was get angry that the baby hadn't come yet. She claims she's tired of waiting to see what he looks like. Me too Holly, me too!

This sudden change in her behaviour (plus the fact that everything is finally ready to go for baby) really has me realizing that it's about to get real- I will soon be the mom of a baby boy and the girls will have a baby brother.

I'm ready to meet him!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Halloween Nail Art Featuring the Julep Plie Wand

A little while ago, I posted about how I finally received my Julep Plie Wand but hadn't had time to review. I figured this was the perfect opportunity to get my nails done for Halloween and use the wand for the first time.

I used the wand to create 3 simple designs. Check them out below!

I began by painting 3 stripes (white, orange, and yellow) on my middle finger. I painted each of my other fingers solid black.

Using the Plie wand with the striping brush attachment and black polish, I angled in the sides of my middle fingers to create a candy corn look.

Next, I used the same striping attachment to carefully draw a spider wed on my pinkie. This is where I realized how great the Plie wand really works. My nails are very short and it was extremely easy to get in the small details with the attachments.

I then switched over to the dotting tool attachment and dotted a small pumpkin on my thumb nail. I went back with the striping attachment to create the jack o lantern's face and stem. I then finished with a top coat.

Here's a list of the polishes I used for this look:

White - Sally Hansen's "Natural White" from this set
Yellow - Julep's "Alma"
Brown (pumpkin stem) - Julep's "Alma" mixed with China Glaze's "Liquid Leather"
Green (pumpkin leaves) - I've had this colour for years and sadly, the labels are missing so I have no clue who made it!

I also used Julep's Plie Wand as well as both attachments from the creativity kit.

In case you didn't notice, I had to mix a few colours in this design to create the orange and brown I needed. Orange was easy (because I have so many red and yellow polishes) but brown is a bit more difficult.
It was recently brought to my attention that Julep has the perfect brown (which I need to get immediately) called "Chloe". Check it out in Julep's shop here.


If my Halloween design isn't for you, Julep has a great tutorial for a design that's a bit more complicated. Check it out below!

Wishing everyone and their kiddies have a safe and happy halloween! Happy nail painting!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Weekly Links Vol. 10

1. Don't miss out on this amazing ChickAdvisor offer - a chance to sample a Clarisonic Mia 2!

2. It's halloween week! I'll be keeping Holly busy with halloween themed activities like baking.

3. This is a link to a list of links, but I really loved this roundup of halloween makeup tutorials.

4. Have you tried these cookies? They're amazing.

5. Several women on my November due date Facebook group have already had their babies and it's really made me realize that there is a fully functional, full sized baby currently living inside me. I'm 38 weeks and 3 days pregnant right now.
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