Friday, October 17, 2014

High Five for Friday

I missed this series last Friday, so this is a double high five!

1. I'm officially full term- 37 weeks pregnant today! When will baby come? Nobody knows....

2. We finally got the baby's room painted and the crib together. Woo! The only thing left to work on is the small details.

3. I'm 3/4 finished reading Lena Dunham's book "Not That Kind of Girl". It's been months since I've started and finished a book without weeks of lag time. It feels nice!

4. I got enough energy to decorate for halloween last week. I didn't work much on the interior as our house is still kind of dishevelled from moving, but the exterior is looking good.

5. This is the first weekend in like 3 months that our family has had NO plans. I'm so looking forward to wrapping up little projects and relaxing.

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

My City Finally Has A Sephora!

So just a few weeks ago Sephora opened in Windsor!

Before now I either had to order online, travel 2 hours within Canada, or hop over to Detroit to hit up a Sephora. It was terrible. In January 2014, I got word via the retail store I was working at that a Sephora would be opening at our mall. I was so excited.

Fast forward to now and it's finally open. I took my first trip there last week to grab some bare minerals foundation and to my surprise, they offered me my VIB birthday gift (I completely forgot about it).

Basically, I just had to post about how awesome this is.

How often do you shop at Sephora?

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Weekly Links Vol. 8

1. I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving weekend (in Canada).

2. This would make a great christmas gift for any little ones you plan on buying for.

3. My girls changed their halloween costumes this weekend, and although our local store is sold out, the Party City website has an awesome 20% off + free shipping deal going on.

4. I really need to invest in a happy kid car kit. These ideas are amazing.

5. I just recently discovered this blog, and ever since I've been considering a capsule wardrobe for after baby comes. 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


One of my previous headers

I realized last night that yesterday's post was officially my 200th post on Holly Muffin.
Although Holly Muffin has been around since 2009, I haven't posted all too much.
The past 6 years of my life has been an absolute rollercoaster and I'm extremely thankful that I've had this blog as my outlet through it all.
I'm currently preparing for a big life event (the birth of our little boy), which will again bring this blog in a new direction. I will be a full-time stay at home mom for at least the first year of his life, and during this time I am committed to growing and evolving Holly Muffin. I plan on posting more frequently and consistently and dedicating more of my time to generating creative content.
I really hope that you come back and visit over the next few months to see how Holly Muffin grows.

To the next 200+!
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